What is NFC technology?  

NFC, or near-field communications, defines the way two products communicate with each other.
NFC is short range wireless RFID technology (1-4cm, 10cm theoretical) which uses Low Speeds (106-414 kbps) and a Low Friction Setup (No discovery and no pairing), which allows two devices to automatically start communicating when they are close to one another.  

NFC uses Passive Targets (with no batteries!) and Random devices that are not powered (tags aka stickers).  

NFC Tags are essentially “targets” to touch NFC devices to (like mobile phones).  These targets can contain information or automatically point you to information, applications or services.  Purchasing criteria for these seemingly simple little tags can actually be quite complex.  Factors include tag type (i.e what standard or proprietary modulation scheme the tag follows), memory size, level of security (e.g. ability to lock the tag after it is written to).  

Google is developing application tools to allow application programmers to write programs that utilize NFC. Googles Android Phone supports NFC. Google's platform is called “Gingerbread.” They offer APIs to developers to allow for: Tag Read, Tag Write and Peer to Peer communications. Basically just touch to exchange data…And more! The new software platform is called Ice Cream Sandwich.  

Key Features:

  • Click Content Sharing: Have contact data on phone. Introduce different phone and contact data automatically transmits and is viewed on both  
  • Click Web Page Sharing: Web page is launched through touching sticker. Place new phone next to phone with Web page and Web page now is launched on both phones  
  • Click YouTube Video Sharing: You tube is running on phone. A different person sees you tube and is interested..touches phones together automatically starts playing on both phones.  
  • APPLICATION SHARING: If your friend is running a application and you like it. Just place phone next to it and you are now on the application with request asking if you want to load app. Purchasing Considerations: Clearly the product should be NFC compliant, manufactured by skilled company with engineering in house to offer a variety of high quality high performance products at competitive price points.  

Where can NFC technology be seen today?  

NFC technology is just now starting to show up in the real world.  For example, you may soon pass by a coffee shop and see a 'spot.'  Instead of walking by, you decide to place your mobile device on the spot and just like that, you receive a discount off of your favorite brew.  

The right time to buy nfc tags and develop them is now!  Google along with other phone manufacturers are designing NFC into their newly released high end products and next generation low cost versions.  

NFC is truly bridging the gap between both the Physical and Virtual Worlds.  By bringing 2 devices near each other, the end result is a trigger virtual reaction.  Blue tooth and WiFi do not have this ease in set up.  Key feature: It is automatic!  There is no need to launch an application!  ...it just works!™  

How are NFC tags and stickers beneficial and when will we start to see them in 'the real world?'  

Virtually anyone can benefit from NFC tags and stickers.  Be it retailers, manufacturers, venues, theaters, public transportation.  They benefit because NFC makes very complex digital interactions incredibly simple.  A simple tap will allow even the most novice end users to take advantage of complex applications and services.  This simplicity will mean that many application providers, advertising agencies and business owners’ will want to leverage NFC.  It can open up new revenue streams by making things simple to get access to.  Private and public sector people places and things can all benefit from NFC.  

Business owners can show their technology prowess by implementing NFC tags now.  There are already services available to take advantage of the benefits of these types of programs